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Our shea butter body and face ranges are rich in Vitamins A,E, & F providing your skin with essential nutrients whilst also providing the skin with UV protection. Prolonged usage guarantees soft radiant skin and reduced wrinkles  The best part is ! it is perfect for all skin types, even Babies!  

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Customer experience

Meeting “Elsie” My friend and I were visiting Hampstead Heath on Saturday31st, July, 2021. During the late afternoon, I meet “Elsie” emerging from a large building, pulling a big suitcase behind her. I stopped and asked her: is there something going on here? She told me that there was a market which recently finished. Elsie was one of the market vendors. She came outside the building and began talking to me. During our conversation, I noticed that Elsie’s has a glowing beautiful skin tone, so I complemented her on her skin. We started talking to each other and during our conversation I told her about my face and how it gets darker when exposed to the sunlight. I asked her;...

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