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Meeting “Elsie” My friend and I were visiting Hampstead Heath on Saturday31st, July, 2021. During the late afternoon, I meet “Elsie” emerging from a large building, pulling a big suitcase behind her. I stopped and asked her: is there something going on here? She told me that there was a market which recently finished. Elsie was one of the market vendors. She came outside the building and began talking to me. During our conversation, I noticed that Elsie’s has a glowing beautiful skin tone, so I complemented her on her skin. We started talking to each other and during our conversation I told her about my face and how it gets darker when exposed to the sunlight. I asked her; “what can she recommend to me make my face glow like her skin?” Elise laugh, she dropped her suitcase, lowered her body down to the grown and opened the very large suitcase, took out two bars of soaps one which is written “Cocoa Butter Soap” and the other “African Black Soap, infused with Papaya”, a beautiful crafted coconut shell jar with the words written on it “GYAMFUA GLOW”. I was very eager to know what was in the jar. Elise introduced her natural products carefully telling me the advantages of how it can turn my skin around. I listened attentively to the details as it was important for me. Elsie recommended “African Black Soap, infused with Papaya and Pure Shea Butter moisturising cream, mixed with Wild orange, Lavender and Essential Oils. I bought the products from her and started using them the following day. When using the products, I noticed that the soap lather very easily and quickly into my hands and skin, this is like a miracle as I have never used nor had a soap like this before. This soap cleans the face very nicely. The Shea Butter mixture is very soft when applying it to the skin, it melts so quickly on the skin making it easy to even itself out and I can smell the aroma of the orange, lavender and essential oils mixtures. This cream helps restores the skin PH. After a few days of using this cream, began to see the effect of a glowing skin. I was so happy. I can therefore recommend it to anyone who wants to have a glowing better looking skin. These products are fantastic, which works miracles and wonder. You will never regret your money worth instead; it will be money well spend. I am really enjoying myself using these amazing products. Donna
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