Our Products

Gyamfua Glow provides a wide range of Homemade Shea Butter products to meet the needs of every skin-conscious customer

Our Shea Butter is sourced from Ghana as Ghanian women have used it to intensely nourish dry skin and hair for centuries. Discover the benefits of Shea Butter and why we’ve sustainably sourced our handcrafted Shea Butter from the Ancient Karite tree (the Shea tree). Shea Butter is an indulgent and nutritious ingredient, known for centuries by the Burkinabé (Burkina Faco villagers) as ‘Women’s Gold’.

We have an ethical approach to all our products, so we have made it suitable for vegans and vegetarians. We’re proud to be one of the best Shea Butter products on the market. And remember, a little goes a long way; because it’s pure, each time you use our Shea Butter, you only need a small amount.

Non-Whipped & Natural

Gyamfua Glow - Our products are not whipped (the process of beating an ingredient vigorously, which makes products frothy and airy). Therefore they retain their nourishing, rejuvenating and restorative properties.

This incredible formulation leaves the skin intensely moisturised, restored and visibly healthier.

🌱 Our products are Vegan friendly, handcrafted and beautifully blended as well as being packaged sustainably.